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We are a Point of Sale Reseller, Accountant, Accounting Software Manufacturer, Payroll Service Provider or Consultant and want our customers to use GetLinked software. What is the best way to proceed?

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Post subject: We are a Point of Sale Reseller, Accountant, Accounting Software Manufacturer, Payroll Service Provider or Consultant and want our customers to use GetLinked software. What is the best way to proceed?
Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 3:49 pm
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Most Point of Sale Resellers, Accountants, Accounting Software Manufacturers, Payroll Service Providers or Consultants currently do the following:
  • 1. Provide a general description of what GetLinked software does. A good general description is:
    "GetLinked software is a financial integration tool that converts point of sale, time clock, payables and receivables from dissimilar systems into financial transactions for your general ledger, payroll, payables and receivables as well as to payroll service providers".

    2. Refer customers directly to the GetLinked software web site for the following reasons:
  • - Subscription prices are reasonable and available to everyone. Refer to the Forum topic below for volume pricing. We will email GetLinked software information to the prospect to review. Our information does required some reading and review of the links we provide. Ideal prospects possess the knowledge and understanding of accounting and will find answers to their questions on our Forum and web site: Who is the ideal customer that benefits the most from using GetLinked® software and services?

    - We are willing to provide consulting if prospects want to have our information provided on a telephone consultation basis versus the documentation provided. We do charge for our consulting services with our experts and can be purchased at our online store. What is Consultation time used for with GetLinked software?

    - Support is available directly to the end-user and allows you to continue focusing on your core business instead of selling and supporting GetLinked software.

    - We do not recommend consultants (Affiliates) try to quote prices, represent or provide services for GetLinked software without formal training from our company. A successful sale and implementation of GetLinked software does require formal training and knowledge of multiple subjects including accounting, programming, point of sale, time clocks and networking knowledge.

    - Liability of making statements about integration is eliminated from your sales cycle when you refer the prospect to our web site and let us address the technical questions on financial integration.
Sometimes technical personnel may be helpful in assisting the customer with data "Polling" or configuring the accounting system provided they have the knowledge of these subjects.

If you are purchasing GetLinked software for a customer and they are the primary user of the software you will need to register that customers information either on our web site under your Affiliate Login or complete the order with their company information at our online Store. This is critical for the annual GetLinked Software Subscription (GSS) fee. Whoever is actually using GetLinked software will be notified of the annual GSS fee and be responsible for the payment in order for the software to continue working (July 1st through June 30th annually). If you register and purchase through "your company" and do not supply any additional information regarding the actual user of the GetLinked software you will need to maintain your own internal customer/client tracking system.

Make sure everyone is aware of this annual financial requirement for uninterrupted service and the lowest subscription prices.

In order to keep costs low and quality high GetLinked software is priced very reasonably and does not provide additional costs to the customer for "Referral Fees" or annual "Revenue Sharing" paid to any 3rd parties.


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