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I have an additional question. Where can I find an answer?

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Post subject: I have an additional question. Where can I find an answer?
Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:30 am
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We provide several methods of communications in order to assist you in purchasing GETLinked Software and services:
  • 1. Use our Forum. Most topics are addressed on this Forum and use the Search feature (upper right-hand corner) if needed. If still you cannot find an answer you can post questions and we will either point your to the answer or provide you with one directly through our Forum responses.
    2. Click Contact Us.
    3. Email our sales team at Once we have an understanding of your basic needs we can schedule a conference call if needed.
    4. You can also purchase your own personal Consultation time (See Forum topic below) if you have specific needs to want to discuss in depth (ex. development of a unique interface, etc.) .
There are many benefits to these communications:
- You receive documented answers to your questions. It helps you now and can be referenced later if needed.
- The questions and answers get posted on this Forum for the benefit of everyone.
- You can visit our web site and this Forum in the future and find any updated answers as GETLinked Software advances.
- It keeps costs low for everyone by allowing us to document questions and answers once and focus on improvements to GETLinked Software and services.

If you still want to consult with one of our experts after reviewing all the information provided you can purchase Consultation time at our online store.

We look forward to your additional questions and we will address them as soon as possible.

Please review other Forum topics for more details:
How does technical support and the Forum site work with GETLinked Software?
What is Consultation time used for with GETLinked Software?

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