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We are ready to purchase GetLinked Software. What are the steps to purchase the software and support?

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Post subject: We are ready to purchase GetLinked Software. What are the steps to purchase the software and support?
Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 3:24 pm
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The steps are the same for ALL customers and ALL (existing or new) locations:
  • 1. Review which modules you need. The Features page will explain what each module does for you (ex. POSLink - Daily Sales Summary). Make sure to review all information on our web site if you still have questions (other Forum questions, Demo, Benefits, etc.).
    If you are a returning customer, you can login and see all your previous orders:
    • - Click on "My Account".
      - View the list of “Previous Orders”.
      - Click on the “View” button next to the order Total for details of each order.
      - Click on (show all orders) to view the history of ALL orders.
    2. Go to our online Store to view todays "pro-rated" subscription prices and purchase the different modules and the number of locations you need. GetLinked Software is provided as an "Annual" Subscription (Annual Retail $499.00 - $1,469.00) per module, per location and includes software download and access to our Support web site for documentation and installation instructions.

    3. Purchase Support (sold separately from software subscription) if you want our technicians to assist you beyond our documentation and installation instructions on our Support site.
Support is purchased by the hour at our online store under SUPPORT. It is recommended to initially purchase one hour of Technical Support per accounting function (ex. 1 hour for POSLink, 1 hour for PRLink, etc.) for the first location. You can assess your additional needs (ex. multiple locations, additional training sessions such as extra personnel, outside consultants and auditors) at a later time and purchase additional support online. All remaining support time on your account is valid as long as you maintain an active GETLinked Software subscription.
Consultation time is only recommended if you want pre-sales consulting time in addition to all the information provided on our web site (ex. Forum, Inquiry, etc.).

Cannot find the system you need? We do provide development services also How can GetLinked Software help me with my unique system?

When you "Go to Checkout" make sure to fill in the correct company and contact information. This information will be used to register the GETLinked Software Subscription and an email will be sent to the email address provided.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and eChecks as forms of payment. Once your electronic order has been processed by our accounting department you will receive an email with your company's Registration Keys and Password to access the Download and Support site. Once you receive this last email you can start with the download and installation. Additional technical instructions are available to active customers on our Support site. If you have purchased technical support you can call the phone number provided you and schedule a installation and training time.


Please review other Forum topics for more details:
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I am a Point of Sale Reseller, Accountant or Consultant and want my customer to use GetLinked Software. What is the best way to proceed?

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