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How does technical support and the Forum site work with GetLinked Software?

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Post subject: How does technical support and the Forum site work with GetLinked Software?
Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2012 3:55 pm
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Depending on your desire or the ability of your installer there are multiple ways to obtain technical documentation and/or telephone assistance with GetLinked™ Software.


There are many topics available on our Forum from Pre-Sales questions to system specific help and tips.
You can also find any topic by clicking on the 'Search' button in the upper right-hand corner.

FREE to customers with active subscriptions.

Active customers have access to our Support site for downloading GetLinked™ Software and technical documentation. The documentation includes basic installation, setup and daily processing procedures.
Two important notes:
1. You ONLY NEED to have an active GetLinked™ Software Subscription (GSS) to access any support areas.
2. You do NOT need to purchase technical support time to access any support sites if you are an active customer.
  • To login type in your registered Phone # and the Password provided you on your Registration Keys document.
    If you forget your Password, click on "Trouble Signing In?" and your password will be emailed to the registered email address for your company.
Available on an hourly basis to all active customers.
You can also purchase personal technical support at our online store under Support (Available Hourly or Bundled). ALL SERVICES SOLD SEPARATELY FROM SOFTWARE.
- GetLinked™ Software Services are separate from software subscriptions.
- Customers who need additional assistance pay on a hourly basis so they only pay for the amount of time they need. The current hourly rate is $200.00 per hour.
- Support is on an hourly basis, not until completed. If your need for support exceeds the time available you could be asked at the end of time available to purchase additional time to continue.
- ALL “Support” is good until the time is used up or 90 Days from date of purchase, whichever occurs first.
- Customers can purchase support for just the initial install or a complete configuration of GetLinked™ Software.
- Additional support time is purchased at our online store (
- Telephone support consists of telephone communications and/or internet connections to your computer in order to train or assist with your technical needs. It is not used for a complete installation (ex. Customer are shown how and where to put in account numbers and then complete the task offline themselves).
- Once your order has been processed successfully you can contact our technical support department (208-343-2500, Ext. 3) and either receive support immediately (if a technician is available) or leave your call back number to schedule a mutual time.
- Moving your GetLinked software is a technical support topic since it was moved and not a bug in the software.

If you are trying to be efficient and minimize the amount of technical support purchased we strongly recommend you learn how one location or module is installed and configured within the initial support time you purchased, then implement additional ones yourself. Every installation and configuration is different (ex. internet limitations, additional firewalls, remote servers, service provider regulations, technical knowledge level of computers and accounting knowledge, etc.).


If you are not proficient or comfortable with the technical topics (ex. installation, configuration, etc.) of GetLinked Software then we recommend initially purchasing support and allow our technical staff to train and assist you over the telephone and using remote control software. Support is purchased by the hour at our online store under SUPPORT. Support is tracked by the actual time (minutes) our technicians are assisting your needs (ex. Telephone, remote control, etc.).

If purchasing technical support it is recommended to initially purchase one hour per accounting function (ex. 1 hour for POSLink, 1 hour for PRLink, etc.) for the first location. You can assess your additional needs (ex. multiple locations, different systems at each location, additional training sessions such as extra personnel, outside consultants and auditors) at a later time and purchase additional support online. All remaining support time on your account is valid during the current subscription year as long as you maintain an active GetLinked Software subscription. Consultation time is only recommended if you want pre-sales consulting time in addition to all the information provided on our web site (ex. Forum, Customer Support Site, Inquiries, etc.).

Please review other Forum topics for more details:
How does the subscription work per location and other costs? What are the benefits of keeping my subscription current?

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