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How can GetLinked Software help me with my unique system?
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Author:  asiadmin [ Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:25 pm ]
Post subject:  How can GetLinked Software help me with my unique system?

GetLinked™ Software has over 1300 interfaces available including over 100 Payroll Service Providers.

To find out if GetLinked Software interfaces to your current POS or Time Clock system visit our online Store.
Click on the subscription module you need and select the System, Model and Version from the drop-down list. It is that simple.

If you do not see your system, here is some information on how we can help you:
- What is Consultation time used for with GetLinked Software?
- What does the GetLinked™ Development team need in order to review a unique system?

You can also “Contact Us” and tell us what you need.

Beyond these interfaces we can map to almost any financial data provided by a POS, Time Clock system, web services and even mobile applications. Most POS systems have either a "Direct" interface (API) or "File Export" feature. Using either of these methods GetLinked™ can create accurate financial transactions into your accounting system or to your payroll service provider. You can purchase Consultation time to have us review your unique system and provide you with a quote beyond the initial inquiry.

  • 1. We provide an initial quick review of many unique systems for free and let you know if we need to charge for additional research time if required.
    The most helpful action is for you to provide our developers with an active customer site using the software and provide us with logon information (ex. IP Address, Logon Name/ID, Passwords, etc.) so we can access how the program works and how easy it is to extract financial data from the system (ex. direct logon to location and their server, cloud based access with exporting or API capabilities, file dumps, etc.).
    We will provide this quick review under our initial step at no charge to you if you provide the correct access quickly to our development department.

    2. If additional research is needed, we do charge for reviewing any requests (ex. new systems, existing add-ons to existing interfaces, etc.) and will apply any "Consultation" costs toward your interface development. To start the review of your unique system you can purchase Consultation time (recommended one hour initially) at our online Store.

    3. Once we have successfully completed our review of any system we will provide a quote for development directly to the party purchasing the interface. Any consultation costs will already be reflected in the quoted price of development and valid if purchased within time frame listed.
GetLinked Software's primary function is as a "FINANCIAL" interface (ex. General Ledger journal entries, Payroll processing, etc.) versus an "Operational" interface (ex. Detail customer invoices imported in a report writer or spreadsheet for analysis, Re-order points for inventory control, Inventory purchasing/invoicing with suppliers, etc.). GetLinked Software focuses on the integration from your point of sale and time-clock systems to your financial accounting/payroll systems and payroll service provider.

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