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What is GetLinked Software and what does it do?

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Post subject: What is GetLinked Software and what does it do?
Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:16 pm
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GetLinked Software is the interface that converts Point of Sale (POS) and Time Clock data into "Financial" accounting transactions.

GetLinked takes the Sales Data (General Ledger), Deposits, Payroll, Receivables, Payables and other financial data and transfers this information into accounting systems or to Payroll Service Providers.
GetLinked functions separate from your POS and Time Clock systems so there is no down time (ex. re-installing, upgrading, etc.) for GetLinked Software when you update your point of sale or accounting systems. If needed, just map any additional items to your accounting system since the changes.
  • - GetLinked processes transactions on a daily basis, however you can choose to import one day or multiple days at one time.

    - You can import when you want (ex. daily, weekly, monthly... basis) and GetLinked will import all the financial data in your POS system for that date range.

    - Every system is different both on the POS end and on the financial end (accounting, payroll services providers, etc.), yet GetLinked can make it a simple process for you and your staff by importing and transferring multiple days worth of transactions for multiple locations all in one process.

    - GetLinked can import data from previous days as long as the transactions are in the POS or time clock system.

    - Data imported into Getlinked can be reviewed and edited if needed prior to transferring to your financial system and Payroll Service Provider.

    - All GetLinked Software modules have translation tables for accounts, employee numbers, employee department, job, pay codes, customer numbers, vendor numbers, etc. So your point of sale system does not have to match your financial system.

    - There are modules in GetLinked Software that can be automated (ex. POSLink-Daily Sales Summary) to both Import and Transfer "balanced" transactions on a daily basis. This is a great benefit to keeping labor costs low.

    - GetLinked links to over 1300 different POS, Time Clock systems, Accounting software and Payroll Service Providers (English Versions).

    - ALL interfaces available are included in your annual GetLinked Software Subscription (GSS) so if any of your systems change you just change GetLinked Software to match.

    - GetLinked can run as a stand-alone software product that links with your POS or Time Clock data directly (ex. SQL, cloud database, etc.) or data that has been exported in ASCII, DBF or many other formats.
GetLinked usually resides at the company's main office and data is "Polled" to the main accounting server.
Usually you do not need your POS dealer or consultant to assist other than providing access to the POS or Time Clock system and login information. Some customers choose to have their point of sale or computer personnel present and that is fine.

The basics are that every point of sale or timeclock system has a method of exporting relevant financial data. The secret of GetLinked is the ability to import that raw data (POS, time punches, etc.), validate it and convert it into accurate financial data (ex. accounting journal entry, payroll processing, etc.) and then transfer it to your financial system (ex. QuickBooks, PeopleSoft, ADP, etc.).

You can find a list of specific systems at Interfaces or at our online Store. We do not endorse or recommend any particular system so view the list or online store to see if your system is listed. Cannot find your specific system then, How can GetLinked Software help me with my unique system?

GetLinked Software's primary function is as a "FINANCIAL" interface (ex. General Ledger journal entries, Payroll processing, etc.) versus an "Operational" interface (ex. Detail customer invoices imported in a report writer or spreadsheet for analysis, Re-order points for inventory control, Inventory purchasing/invoicing with suppliers, payroll Human Resource Management (HR) systems, etc.). GetLinked Software focuses on the integration from your point of sale and time-clock systems to your financial accounting/payroll systems and payroll service provider.

What GetLinked Software is NOT:
  • - GetLinked Software is NOT a "Report Writer", "Dashboard", "Data Analysis", "Data Provider" or "Data Repository" for operational analysis (ex. "BI" Business Intelligence) or comparison of operations.
    - GetLinked Software is NOT an "Inventory System" and does not focus integration on transactions between inventory systems. Most industry specific inventory systems work the best for the businesses they were designed to accommodate. We have found that most "off-the-shelf" accounting systems that provide inventory modules "usually" do not provide the required features needed within any industry (ex. portion sizing in the restaurant industry) and function primarily as "distribution" inventory systems.
As listed above, GetLinked Software does interface with POS Purchasing systems creating summary "Vouchers" to Accounts Payable modules.

Please contact your point of sale dealer or manufacturer for those functionalities.

You can find out more about GetLinked Software (Click on the links below):
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Please review other Forum topics for more details:
GetLinked Software interfaces with hundreds of systems. How does it work and what are the steps to get started?

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