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Does GetLinked Software have remote polling capabilities?

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Post subject: Does GetLinked Software have remote polling capabilities?
Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:17 pm
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No. GetLinked software is not a polling package nor is it a Point-of-Sale system. Nor does it need to be. GetLinked software is middleware that resides at the owner/operators corporate office (or in the cloud) where the data from each location is deposited (polled, emailed, FTP, VPN, etc.). There are many ways to transfer data. Please refer to the internet for available polling methods and information. Polling of data can be the longest and hardest process of setup and needs to be done before GetLinked Software can operate. This is where computer technicians can assist the most in automating this process on a daily basis. GetLinked installation is usually the easiest and fastest process of setup.

The actual GetLinked software is as secure as how you are protecting your current computer system (Servers, Intranet, Internet connections, etc.). Security issues regarding transferring data TO/FROM the GetLinked software are addressed either with your point of sale dealer or IT/Network professionals handling your computer system communications. This includes both your internal network as well as all internet communications.

The minimum requirements of any IT professional are to possess knowledge and experience with setting up, transferring and maintaining a secure infrastructure for "polling" any data (ex. csv, dbf, synk, SQL database, etc.). GetLinked staff will ONLY explain the technical details or support configurations to active customers. This avoids misunderstandings and expectations of IT staff assuming GetLinked is responsible for polling your data or IT staff trying to obtain free knowledge and experience prior to any business relationship. Please refer to the internet for available polling methods and information as there are many ways to transfer data and many professionals that are willing to assist you on this specific topic.

Once you are an active customer we will assist you on an hourly basis if you do not have a staff member or computer provider available for this service and education. We do also provide some documentation on our support web site to active customers explaining some of the methods used to transfer "poll" data from one location to another.

GetLinked will be responsible for its software functionality and accuracy at the point data is imported into the GetLinked software and until the data is transferred out in a meaningful financial format (ex. balanced journal entry).

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